Maternal mortality has reduced in Kenya

The free Maternal Care Program has immensely contributed to the reduction of maternal[...]

Diet change can help increase breast milk production

Breast milk is essential or newborns it supplies them with nutrients and acts as a vaccine[...]

Cerebral Palsy identified as one of leading causes of disability among Kenyan children and adults


Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disease that affects children before, during or after birth,[...]

Why Kenyan parents should baby proof their homes

Kenyan parents are being advised to ensure that their homes are baby proofed before their[...]

Eating plenty of fruits while pregnant increases a child's IQ

Kenyan women can increase their children’s’ IQ while they are still pregnant by eating seven[...]

Pregnant women should receive preventive malaria treatment to reduce the risk of death

Pregnant women who suffer from malaria have a mortality rate of 50 per cent. The disease is[...]

Totohealth SMS service continues to help pregnant Kenyan women track their health

Totohealth, an SMS service platform that helps pregnant mothers track their health by sending[...]

Educative pregnant women's event to be held next month


Project baby shower, an event dedicated to educate new mothers is set to be held for the[...]

How to wean babies off pacifiers

Breaking the pacifier habit is not always easy but there are several methods parents can use[...]

Pacifiers can help reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome

Despite the side effects associated with pacifiers such as the misalignment of the upper and[...]

Pregnacy joints pain, back pain and swelling of feet explained

Pregnant women who experience joints pain, should do not worry about it being a serious[...]

Comfortable breastfeeding positions for mother and baby

When it comes to breastfeeding, the best position for the mother and the baby is one where[...]

The high rate of cesarean births globally due to hereditary narrow pelvis genes

A new research conducted by Austrian scientists and published in the journal Proceedings of[...]

Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother

Kenyan mothers are being encouraged to breastfeed their newborns so as to reduce the chances[...]

Kenyan pregnant women can access free antenatal, delivery and postnatal services in all public hospitals countrywide

Kenyan pregnant women will be able access free antenatal, delivery and postnatal free care in[...]

Postpartum doulas help mothers ease into their new role

A Kenyan mother is offering services as a postpartum doula in a bid to help parents to ease[...]

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