New time saving washing detergent introduced in the Kenyan market

As Kenya’s middle class potential grows and yearns for convenient, smart and efficient home{...}

Infections from worms are one of the leading causes of school absenteeism in Kenya

Intestinal worms, which include hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms, are the most common{...}

Father's day activities this weekend

Every third Sunday of June, the country celebrates father’s day and this year it will be on{...}

Kenyan school girls to receive menstrual health education annually

Chandaria Industries has started an annual campaign to educate young girls on menstrual{...}

New medical app launched that enables Kenyans to buy medicine via smartphone

Kenyan can now buy medicine and personal care items via an application on their smarthphone{...}

The rich and healthy Kenyan purple tea

When we think of the health benefits of herbal tea, green tea has always been top of mind.

Working out at least three days a week is more beneficial than exercising everyday, says FitChis fitness trainer

Exercising everyday is considered the best way to achieving gradual but noticeable results in{...}

Kenyan website,Dienmac,offering online music lessons

Kenyan music enthusiasts can now access online training sessions, download song score sheets,{...}

Can We Rely on Vitamin Supplements to Keep Us and Our Kids Healthy?

A World Bank study released this year stated that just over one quarter of Kenyan children{...}

The benefits of a hot bath

For those looking for an excuse to take a long hot soak, well science has provided one: it{...}

Online fitness platform,FitChis, offers the convenience of home workouts

Kenyans now have the convenience of exercising at the comfort of their home thanks to a new{...}

New malaria diagnostic test launched in the country to help curb spread of the disease

Alere Inc, a global leader in rapid diagnostics has launched a highly sensitive malaria{...}

The Kenyan Ministry of Health takes measures to prevent Ebola outbreak in the country

On 9 May, the World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of a cluster of undiagnosed illness{...}

Where to get children party costumes in Nairobi

Birdie mascots and costumes
They have costumes for both adults and children. For adults; the{...}

The nutritional benefits of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have been found to have various nutritional value such as providing, Vitamin A,{...}

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