Garden City mall launch kids' club

Kenyan parents seeking to involve their children in after-school and holiday activities can{...}

Day out: Karura Forest

Kenyans seeking a getaway and a venue that offers a moment of serenity can visit Karura{...}

August holiday camps for Kenya kids

As the holidays kick in, Kenyan parents seeking to keep their children busy during this period{...}

First ever video gaming tournament to be held in Nairobi

Africa’s first ever international multi player video game tournament will be held on Saturday{...}

Cholera: facts and symptoms

In the past two months, the country has been rocked with cholera outbreak that has majorly{...}

New cancer center opened in Eldoret, Kenya

Kenyans living in Eldoret and its environs can now access cancer treatment at the newly opened{...}

Kenyan children's club offers occupational therapy

Kenyan parents seeking to develop their children’s skills and give them a chance to express{...}

Kenyans cautioned against the prevalence of unregulated drugs by the pharmaceuticals board

Kenya has an eight per cent prevalence of unregulated or grey medicinal brands and high blood{...}

Storymoja returns to Kenya to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Storymoja, a venture formed by five writers, focused on publishing world-class contemporary{...}

Where to get party supplies in Nairobi

Kenyan parents seeking ways to bring more fun to their children’s parties, now have a variety{...}

Science made fun and coding easy for Kenyan kids' at the Discovery Centre, Nairobi

Kenyan parents seeking to give their children a chance to develop more skills can do so by{...}

Where to get left-handed products in Kenya

Despite the fact that the world’s population is made up of 13 per cent of let handed people,{...}

Communication with your kids is key when dating after a divorce or seperation

Divorce or separation can be difficult for both parents and children. Things can get even more{...}

New time saving washing detergent introduced in the Kenyan market

As Kenya’s middle class potential grows and yearns for convenient, smart and efficient home{...}

Infections from worms are one of the leading causes of school absenteeism in Kenya

Intestinal worms, which include hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms, are the most common{...}

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