Mums preserve breast milk with portable fridge

Mums preserve breast milk with portable fridge0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

cooler-bags-kenyaA cooler bag is offering busy Kenyan mothers a chance to safely transport their expressed milk while on the move.

Dubbed Nanacare cooler bags, they are able to keep the milk cool or warm.

The cooler bags resemble any other bags but differ in that they are insulated.

“They are like thermal bags and are used for transporting expressed milk,” remarks Jennifer of Ng Windsong Kenya Ltd who sell the bags.

The bag has various features which enable it to function properly.

“The insulation material enables the milk to stay cool,” explains Jennifer.

The bag which Jennifer explains as a 'fridge on the go' also has two compartments.

“These pockets are putting ice packs which enable the milk to stay cool,” says Jennifer.

She goes on to add that for otpimum effect, the ice packs should have been in the freezer for at least eight hours.

Breastfeeding is very vital for the development of any child with the World Helath Organisation recommending it to be done exclusively for the first six months.

The breastfeeding benefits have just been added on to with a recent study done by researchers in Brazil. According to the research, long term benefits of breastfeeding were found to turn babies into well-educated and higher-learning adults.

Busy mothers especially those working in offices are the biggest beneficiaries of these bags.

There is a tendency for some working mothers to express their milk in the office before leaving the office.

“The cooler bags will come in handy because they can store them here and still be assured that the milk is fresh by the time they get home,” explains Jennifer on how these bags will change the lives of some mothers.

Office fridges may be helpful in ensuring the sensitive milk remains fresh but if Nairobi's traffic jam is anything to go by, the milk may be probably spoilt by the time one reaches home.

The cooler bags which are retailing at Sh1500 can be able to store around ten packets of expressed milk which have been put in storage bags. Nanacare cooler bags can be found Sunus or Baby Palace on Biashara Street.

For more information call 0710 440 646.

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