Comfortable breastfeeding positions for mother and baby

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When it comes to breastfeeding, the best position for the mother and the baby is one where they are both comfortable and according to lactation manager Evelyne Kongoro, mothers adopt various techniques as they continue breastfeeding and/or have more hildren.

“Breastfeeding is not a skill that women are born with and that is why in hospitals such as Kenyatta National Hospital, the birthing nurse will teach the mother on how to hold the baby while breast feeding,” said Ms Kongoro.

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“However it is also best for first time mothers to do research and get a lot of information about breastfeeding so that they are in prepared when they give birth. Some lamaze classes also teach mothers about breastfeeding.”

Some popular breast feeding positions include:

The cradle hold- where the mother lays the baby’s head in her elbow such that the baby is facing her with one of her arms wrapped around the baby.

The clutch position-this is where the mother supports the baby’s head and neck with her hand such that the baby is laying on her arm.

The reclining position- this is where the mother lays on her side with pillows placed behind her back for support. The baby is held close to the mother’s breast with one hand holding his head.

Ms Kongoro also advises for the use of breast feeding pillows to help in the positioning of baby. “Breastfeeding pillows help the mother position the baby correctly, they offer support for the mothers’ back and the baby’s body making it comfortable for both of them.”

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