Lang'ata community company looks to set up kids entrepreneurship club

Lang'ata community company looks to set up kids entrepreneurship club0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenya kids have a chance to learn entrepreneurship skills thanks to a new children's club being set up buy MadInspaya, a Langa'ta based community entrepreneurship company.

Dubbed the Builders Club, the club hopes to enlighten children from a young age about the value of money and how to get  it.
“The club will basically see children in groups of five team up to carry out certain projects whereby they will be paid,” said Nduku Mutua, the founder of MadInspaya-the company that will be running Builders Club.

Barely two weeks old, the idea for the club came about from a need to teach children various values among them working hard for your money.
“Managing money is a habit and it requires time to learn it so I hope this program teaches the children that,” said Nduku.

It is not only the lesson of valuing money that Nduku and her team wish to impart on the impressionable young ones but also a bucketful of other lessons.
“I feel like children today are treated like eggs so they do not learn various skills. You will find that there is always someone to pick up after them whether it is the househelp or the driver or the parents are not strict enough. They therefore lack discipline, respect. I want them to feel the sweat of earning,” said Nduku.

Apart from imparting these values, MadInspaya would also like to see children become creators of wealth who know how to think on their feet and are not afraid to follow the path less taken more so when it comes to trying out new things.

The Builders Club will be active every school holiday and will accommodate children from primary right up to the university level by getting them involved in various projects for which they will get paid.
“The children will team up in groups of five then set out to do various jobs in the community. The money they earn from the projects will be theirs to keep. They can decide to use it, save it or re-invest it into their projects. It is like they will each be running their own mini-companies,” said Nduku.

The projects the children will carry out will be done in the community level in and around Lang'ata.
“One project I was thinking of that I would love the children to get started with is putting up house numbers. I have noticed in estates such as Moi and Ngei for instance, some houses do not have numbers. In fact I have already talked with an artist who has agreed to make  the stencils for us. The children will be involved in painting the house numbers,” said Nduku.

Other projects Nduku and her team would like the children to engage in are newspaper delivery which would work especially well for the older children with bicycles and a courier service for products sold on an e-shop  that MadInspaya also has plans of setting up.

Apart from experience, MadInspaya also aims to set up a mentorship programme for the children so as to teach them about entrepreneurship.
“We will be looking for volunteers from different kinds of professions who will be able to train and work with the kids,” said Nduku.

In the whole system of the Builders Club, MadInspaya will be also be responsible for setting up the rules and guidelines so as to ensure everything runs in an orderly manner.
Nduku and her team hope to start Builders Club this month but it will all be dependent on how fast children sign up. If successful, MadInspaya hopes to encourage other residential communities in Kenya to take up the model.

Besides the Builders Club, MadInspaya as a community company will also be holding its inaugural Lang'ata Entrepreneurship Fair Saturday December 5th 2015 at Lang'ata High School. It is here interested children will be able to find out more about the club and even sign up.

For more information, contact Nduku Mutua on 0731 923 401.

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