Online textbook retailer saves Kenyan families back to school hustle

Online textbook retailer saves Kenyan families back to school hustle4 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

Gobooks Textbooks is making back-to-school shopping easier for Kenyan families by delivering all their schooling material to the comfort of their homes.

“We notice that after the holidays  many parents run around trying to get all the items needed for the new school year so we thought that by bringing the books to them it would easen their burden,” said David Mugeni, Operations Manager and Partner at Go Books.

Despite it still being the holidays, Mugeni advices parents to start shopping for the books early.
“Most will wait until the holiday is over and at that time everyone will also be shopping so it becomes hectic,” said David.

The procedure of getting the books is fairly simple and does not require much work.
“In order to get the textbooks, parents just need to send us a list of the books needed. They also have the option of buying the books through the website,” said David.

After providing the list,  David and his team will be able to confirm the books available. It is for this reason he advises parents to start shopping early so as to avoid missing out on some.

The delivery charges vary depending on where the books are to be dropped.
“Within the Central Business District (CBD) is free while in Nairobi County it is around Sh100-200. Outside of Nairobi depends on the courier company the parent chooses,” said David. “After making an order, delivery is expected in 72 hours,” he added.

Apart from school textbooks, Go Books also sells other educational material such as stationery, school bags and laptop bags.

For more information how to get the school textbooks delivered to your home contact David Mugeni on 0702 668 469 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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