Sleep better with a clean mattress

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mattress cleaningKenyans have the chance to sleep better and comfortable when they clean their mattresses as a research conducted by the US National Sleep Founduation found out.

The reserch states that people sleep much better when their bedrooms and beds are comfortable and clean; one way of ensuring this is by cleaning your mattress regularly, a service that eighty four service offer.

“We clean mattresses and I can 100 per cent guarantee you that after we are done, your mattress will be as clean as the day you bought it,” says Frank Anyona, the director of eighty four services.

During the research, people reported sleeping longer hours and feeling better about going to bed when their bed was made, their sheets were fresh, and their bedroom was comfortable,” said David Cloud, the head of the research.

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“There are two ways of cleaning them; steam cleaning and manual cleaning, which method is used for cleaning, will depend on the type of stains on the mattress,” he said. “Stains such as blood and urine will require manual cleaning but dust stains and water stains, steam cleaning will do.”

The chemicals used to clean the mattress are not harmful because they are manufactured for the purpose of stain removal and one can immediately sleep on the mattress after cleaning but if it is manually cleaned it will take up four hours to dry.

“The customer has to call us a day prior so that we can inspect the mattress and the stains so that we can determine which method will be best,” he said. “Surprisingly, adult mattresses’ are dirtier compared to kid’s mattresses despite them wetting and soiling their beds.”

He recommends that mattresses be cleaned after every six months; this is to ward off parasites such as dust mites that hide in between the sheets and inside the mattresses, which is their breeding ground. Such parasites can trigger allergic diseases such as asthma.

The charges for cleaning usually depend on the size; for example a 4 by 6 mattress is Sh2500.
Other than mattress cleaning, they offer other services such as pest control, curtain cleaning, sofa set cleaning and carpet cleaning.

They can be reached on 0770495227.

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