Thika kids stand to win Sh5000 from Ananas Mall colouring competition

Thika kids stand to win Sh5000 from Ananas Mall colouring competition0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

colouringKenya kids living in Thika have a chance to win Sh5000 by participating in a colouring competition an develop bilateral coordination, patience, self-esteem among other skills as reported by therapy centre, Child’s Centre for Development and Growth.

Organised by Ananas Mall in Thika, the competition is targeting children as young as six years and will be divided into two categories which are 6-10 years and 11-14 years.

In order to participate, children are encouraged to visit the Ananas Mall website ( The pictures to be coloured, which are grouped according to age groups can be found on the mall’s website.

Various media can be used to do the colouring.

“You can use pens, pencils, crayons; anything really that makes your entry interesting, bright and beautiful,”read the website.

Colouring is not only a creative activity for children but can also bring about immense benefits in other areas. One of these is bilateral coordination.

According to Child’s Centre for Development and Growth, colouring demands that children use both of their hands together which can be a great pre-cursor for learning how to do other things with both hands such as learning how to write.

Through colouring, children can also learn patience because normally it takes quite some time to finish working on a piece. Self-esteem is another attribute that can be acquired from colouring. When a child successfully completes a piece of art work and even presents it to the parents as a gift, it can act as a great confidence boost for them.

The entries are to be dropped off at the Management Office of Ananas Mall by 5pm on Friday 22, January 2015.

For more information call Ananas Mall on +254 (0) 67 2220203, visit their website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

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