Buy diapers in bulk to save money

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170125170629-diapers-dot-top-780x439Kenyan parents have a chance to buy their diapers in bulk at a wholesale price as a way of saving money on baby expenses.

According to a research by the United States Department of Agriculture on the Expenditures on Children by Families, some of the big expenses that parents incur in the first year after the baby’s birth include; baby formula, baby food, diapers, clothing, and child care. On average, a family can spend about $750 to $1,000 on diapers.

"We sell diapers in bulks to individuals and stores," said Jack Kyalo, the owner of Phoneix, Supababy and Softcare store. "We specialise in three brands only as our name suggests, we went for the most popular ones in the country and the cheapest to buy in bulk."

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The cheapest goes for Sh2850 per 10 bales. In a day, Jack can sell up to 40 bales, of diapers to individual parents, "How long it will last depends on the age of the baby but our most popular size is 9kgs to 16 kgs."

This is when babies eat more soft foods rather just being breastfed, thus there is a lot of diaper changes. The store however does not sell reusable diapers. “We do not sell them because there is no market for them," said Jack. "People hardly ask for them, they still prefer the ordinary diapers."

They deliver within Nairobi for a small fee, to order call them on 0707208548

Patience Asiime also sells diapers for the price of Sh650 per pack which consists of 30 pieces for regular diapers and 14 pieces for pull-ups. Pull-ups which cost Sh540 are diapers that resemble underwear and are used for potty-training.

She sells a hypoallergenic brand called BabyHugs which is imported from the US in the sizes of 0-5. According to Patience, in a month a child can use anywhere between one and three packs of regular diapers. It is also dependant on various factors. "I have noticed that mothers taking care of their babies tend to economise more than caregivers. Younger babies also tend to use more diapers than the older ones," she said.

Patience sells as many packs as a parent may want which attracts a discount of Sh20-30. For more information, call 0710 238 047

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