Kenyan mums to deliver for free at Nairobi Women's Hospital

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Kenyan mothers-to-be have a chance to deliver their children for free this Saturday at Nairobi Women’s Hospital in celebration of the institution’s 15 year anniversary.

“The free normal delivery service is part of our celebratory package to mark The Nairobi Women’s Hospital 15 years of passionately delivering healthcare,” said Geoffrey Korio, Communications Officer at Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

The free delivery is open to all pregnant mothers but there are certain conditions.

“To start with, the expectant mothers should be registered at any of our antenatal clinics namely: Hurlingham, Adams, Ongata Rongai, Kitengela and Nakuru hospitals,” said Geoffrey.

Another condition is that the offer is only valid for the first five women to give birth normally on Saturday March 5, 2016 between 12.01am and 11.59pm.

“Normal delivery will include a delivery room, a midwife delivery, nursing care, two obstetrician visits, one pediatrician visit, drugs & dressings, an initial immunization for BCG & polio,” said Geoffrey.

He goes on to add that the mother and child will be allowed to stay in the hospital for two days.

Should complications arise during delivery then the mother does not qualify. Other exclusions to this offer are a vacuum delivery, a breech delivery, drugs used in induction of labour, antenatal services, feeds, diapers and nursery kits. The treatment of illnesses during or after pregnancy is not part of the offer so is incubator care, prematurity treatment, congenital diseases or conditions, respiratory distress or any other illnesses found in neonates. After two days the hospital will not continue paying for the bed fees and vaccines that are not included in the Kenya Expanded Immunization (KEPI) Program are also not catered for.

For more information on the free delivery, call +254 713 528 822, check out their website or their Facebook Page- Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

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