Early potty training can cause urinary infections

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Kenyan mothers have been warned not to potty train their babies earlier than two years because training them that early can cause urinary infections.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Donohoe, a pediatric urologist, in an article titled, ‘Are you Potty Training too Soon,’ potty training too soon can make your child a chronic holder. “Young children may know not to wet their underwear. But that’s not the same as having the discipline to take themselves to the bathroom.

“If your child is only urinating two or three times per day, that’s not enough, holding urine too long can cause urinary tract infections, especially in girls.”

After a child learns to walk and has learnt to speak a few words, the next is usually training them to use the toilet or rather, potty-training.

According to Mayo-clinic, an online baby health website, many children show interest in potty training by age two but others might not be ready until age two and a half or even older. However, the age of the child is not a determinant factor on whether they should start potty training or not.

“Potty-training success hinges on physical and emotional readiness, not a specific age. If you start potty training too early, it might take longer to train your child,” writes Mayo clinic.

“I started potty training my child when he was one year old,” said Grace Mukami, a single mother of a six year old. “Honestly, the reason I did it so early is because diapers are expensive. It was hard getting him potty training than it was getting to stop breast feeding.”

In Mukami’s case, her child took almost a year to learn how to use the toilet. “He had difficulties but he got there in the end and he has no urinary infections but if I have another baby, I will wait until they are older so that I can potty train them.”

Pediatricians recommend giving child time until they at least but by show interest but by age of four they still are not potty trained, parents should seek medical advice.


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