How to use a laptop on the bed

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16194942 1342570102467792_1778885775100282701_nKenyan families stand to lose their data by using laptops in bed improperly leading to overheating.

" Laptops need ventilation, hence the fans and most of them are placed at the bottom of the machine. Therefore by closing that off, you are preventing it from properly ventilating and therefore it can easily overheat. Your machine will simply shut down when it overheats and this may cause you to lose unsaved data, " said Sally Kuria, Writer and Community Growth Hacker at Techwheez.

However, that does not mean that a laptop in bed but rather be cautious.

" The real issue is just on how comfortable you want to be as the real danger here is about the heat produced by your laptop as it rests on top of your blankets. You can use a laptop on your bed, but maybe not for continuous hours," said Sally.

If one is to use a laptop on a bed, Sally also advises on having few bedding so as to prevent overheating which can cause skin irritation.

Despite giving the go-ahead to use a laptop on the bed, the best place according to Sally remains a desk.

" Definitely the best place to place a laptop is on a flat surface that allows ventilation, for example on a desk," she said.

If that is not possible then there is still the option of placing some books at the edges of the laptop to raise it off the surface. This can work well in the case of a bed surface so that air can still flow easily.

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