How to rescue a laptop from liquid spills

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16195167 1341684705889665_8476870948729487515_nComputers and laptops have almost become a necessity in Kenyan families’ homes. Taking care of them however, can be a chore especially in homes where there are young children.

One of the most common accidents is usually liquid spills. “If a liquid spills on one's laptop the first thing to do is to remove it from the source of liquid,” said Sally Kuria, Writer and Community Growth Hacker at Techwheez. “Then unplug it from power, turn it upside down and remove the battery, remove other things attached such as a mouse or flash disk. Let it stay overturned and in time, take it apart to access the damage caused. You will need a small screwdriver.”

Removing all source of power is essential so that the liquid does not get to the circuit and short out. If that happens, the laptop might be harder to fix. Turning it upside down ensures that the liquid does not seep further in causing more problems. Taking it apart is essential in order to dry each individual part and also see how much damage is caused and how to fix it.

Sally advises one against panicking. “Do not sit there screaming or running around wondering what to do, this just gives the liquid more time to do more damage,” she said. “Panicking causes delay that will reduce the likelihood of your laptop being fixed. You need to be extremely quick and cut off power to the machine and turn it upside down, but away from the screen.

“At this point procedure is meaningless especially when shutting down, just pull out the power cord and battery so that your computer does not get permanently damaged.”

It is also advised not to immediately wipe the laptop down without first inverting it to dispense as much of the liquid as possible.

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