Holiday home tuition for Kenyan pupils and students

Holiday home tuition for Kenyan pupils and students0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyan parents have a chance to enroll their school going students for home tuition with Preswin home tuition that could help improve their school performance.

"We offer home tuition for early child hood, primary pupils, high school students and even adult education in all systems i.e. 844, IGSCE and American learning system," said Elvis Prespley, one of the founders of the home tuition centre.

Prespley, who is also a full time teacher at the centre started the centre five years ago with four of his peers after university. “We started tutoring while we were still in the university and we saw the progress in terms of academic improvement that it made to those that we tutored so after graduating, we registered with the ministry of Education to start our centre and so far the feedback from the parents has been great."

At the centre, there are currently 22 teachers; some full time while others are part time, who teach at different schools. The learning is one on one for each student so that they the teacher’s attention is only a particular student. It can take place either at the centre or at the client's home, whichever they prefer.

"We let the client choose where they would prefer to be tutored; at their house or at the centre," he said. “Usually, they choose at home, they also select the time that they prefer to learn."

The most common subjects that are usually tutored are Sciences and Languages for high school
students while it is Social Studies for primary school students. High school students can be taught for four hours maximum while for primary students, can be taught for three hours maximum. “The reason for this is because of the understanding and development process is different for every child in different stages.”

They encourage parents to buy their children the necessary text books and the usual classroom essentials such as exercise books, pens, pencils and rules among others because they will give them homework afterwards. But in cases where the child does not have the textbooks, the teachers go with theirs.
The tuition is not just during school holidays, it can even take place in the evening after school. “Depending on how the client sees fit we can even offer after class tuition,” he said. “We assess the child and note their weak areas then we make a timetable that we know will help them which we consult with the parent.”

They charge per hour ranging from Sh500 to Sh700 depending on the education system and if it will be done at the centre or at the client’s home. The Preswin home tuition centre is located at Ngara, Nairobi at the Blessed House. To get in touch with them call;0723419853 or email them This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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