Rongai based hairdresser easens salon visits with house calls

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A Rongai based children’s hairdresser is making salon visits easier for kids as young as three years by making house calls.

“I specifically plait hair and prefer to work with children,” said Mary Koki, the Rongai based hairdresser.

Having started out as a salon owner, Koki decided to branch to doing house calls after a two year hiatus.

“From 2005 to 2007 I was running my own salon but had to close it down for two years. Re-entering the industry by opening another salon was expensive so I reverted to house calls instead,” said Mary.

Having a passion for children, Mary focuses specifically on working with kids’ hair.

“I prefer doing children’s hair because I enjoy their company and conversations. The progress I see in a child’s hair growth and their parents’ appreciation also gives me satisfaction,” said Mary.

When making a child’s hair, Mary is involved in the whole process from undoing the old hairstyle to braiding the new ones.

“When I arrive at a house I will undo the child’s hair if it is necessary. I wash and also blowdry the child’s hair with my own blowdry if they parents want that and then plait again,” said Mary.

“I do not blowdry all children’s hair though. There are some whose textures are too soft, others too young or ones whose parents do not want their hair blow dried,” she added.

If the parent does not want their child’s hair blow dried, Mary advises parents to put their hair in matutas after washing then she comes to plait it the following day. This helps to stretch the hair and make it easier to plait the following day.

When it comes to plaiting children’s hair, Mary admits that it comes with its challenges when compared to that of an adult but she has found ways of dealing with them.

“Sometimes the children do not have hairlines so I try to work around that. I also try to be gentle by not pulling the hair. If they feel pain I also try to comfort them by talking to them or calming them down,” said Mary.

She also adds that she prefers to make the children’s hair in the absence of the parents. This is because when the parents are present, the children tend to cry or the parents think that the child is in a lot of pain even when this is not the case. The parents then tend to sympathise with them which in turn may cause the child to cry.

“When I am with the child however, I try to get their minds off the braiding by talking to them,” said Mary.

The Rongai based hairdresser also advises parents on maintaining their children’s hair.

“I tell the parents what oils to use especially if the children have ringworms and also how frequently. I also inform the parents how often the children should have their hair plaited,” said Mary.

aIn Nairobi, Mary does house visits to various areas such as Westlands, Parklands, Lang’ata among others. The charge depends on the location and what the hairstyle the parents want for their children. Braids for instance in Westlands I would charge Sh1000 if I go with my own blowdry.
For more information call Mary Koki on 0721 495 791


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