Taj Mall Embakasi to hold auction for household items

Taj Mall Embakasi to hold auction for household items0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyans looking to get their hands on some household items or any other appliances can do so at a public auction that will be held by Taj Mall Embakasi on 18th May.

“We will be auctioning products that were stocked at the Uchumi supermarket,” said Ramesh Gorasia, the property manager of the mall. “Items include; electronics, food stuff, household appliances, furniture, books and kitchen ware among others.”

In auctions, the buyers are usually allowed to bid on items starting from the lowest price with the highest bidder getting the product. When the final bid is reached and the auctioneer is happy, the item is declared sold.

“In our case, starting bids will depend on the item. We will not have starting bids for small products such as food stuff and beverages but for products such as computer sets, televisions sets and generators we will have a starting bid,” he said. “For such items (generators and the likes) the buyers may be required to pay a deposit first in order to acquire it, the amount will depend on the worth of the item.”

The winners of the bid of an item will be required to pay fully for the item; there will be no installment payments.

It will take place at the mall inside the supermarket from 10.30 am. Taj mall is located on the roundabout of the northern by pass along Mombasa road. To get there one should board a number 33 PSV at Accra road, CBD, and ensure that the PSV passes by Mombasa road.

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