Measles and Rubella immunizations to save 19m Kenyan kids

Measles and Rubella immunizations to save 19m Kenyan kids0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

The lives of ninteen million Kenyan children will saved from measles and rubella thanks to an immunization campaign rolled by the Kenya Red Cross and the Ministry of Health.

“The reason we are doing this is because, the viruses are spreading and many children in the country have not been immunized,” said Tony Mwangi the head of corporate affairs at the Kenya Red Cross. “There was an outbreak in Mandera not long ago and we did not know how far and how many people had been infected.”

Rubella is a contagious disease that can be airborne. Usually, rashes appear on one’s body if they have the disease but it is not a must, sometimes infected children do not develop rashes but exhibit the symptoms associated with the virus. Measles are infectious viral illness that causes infected people to develop rashes. It is also an airborne disease and one can even catch it if they touch a surface that has the virus.

For those who had their children immunized before, they have been urged to do it again. "We are using a new vaccine that is two in one meaning it is for both measles and rubella," said Tony. "A lack of immunization could lead to the death of a child. The diseases are fatal to young children and one death is one too many so it is important that all children get immunized."

The immunization is for children aged nine months old to 13 years. One can access the immunization shots at any public hospital for free, major hospitals such as Nairobi hospital, Kenyatta National hospital and Aga Khan among others and churches.

The immunization campaign will end on 24th May.

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