Gardening classes for Nairobi residents

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The Kenya horticulture society will for the next six weeks hold a garden course that is meant to teach gardeners and would be gardeners some of the best techniques involved in the activity.

“The course involves six lectures in difference venues around Nairobi,” said Sally Shaw, a committee member of the organization. “Some of the topics include; cutting/trimming of hedges, pruning, taking care of lawns and growing your own fruit among other things.”

The garden course, which is a first for the organization, was started as a way to impart knowledge to people and encourage gardening.

In addition to making homes beautiful, research has shown that gardening also has positive health benefits. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one can burn as much as 330 calories during just one hour of light gardening and yard work as it is considered moderate to high-intensity exercise.

Furthermore, the touching of soil while gardening has been shown to boost the immune system. Soil comprises of natural bacteria, minerals, and microorganisms. The microbes affect the brain indirectly by causing immune cells to release chemicals called cytokines.

In a research conducted by the University of Bristol, the lead researcher Chris Lowry said; "We know that some of these cytokines can activate the nerves that relay signals from the body to the brain. The stimulated nerves cause certain neurons in the brain to release a chemical called serotonin into the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain known to be involved in mood regulation, among other things.”

The organization has so far has got positive feedback from the attendees of their classes. “We have educated people on the benefits of using certain chemicals when gardening and which ones they need to stop using,” Shaw said.

To get in touch with the organization, call 0721549729.

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