Kenya multiple 2 multiple society to hold fourth annual event in August

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The Kenya multiple 2 multiple society will on 28th August hold a spa day event for their members as a way of increasing interaction within the society.

“Most of our interactions are usually online so on the day, it will be a get together so that our members can meet, offer social support , financial advice, share stories, parenting advice and even gift other hand me downs,” said Dr Elizabeth Wala, the founder of the society.

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The society, which is in its fourth year, holds the event annually in Nairobi but they plan to expand into other regions.” We have members from all the country and even Kenyans living abroad,” she said. “We want to expand the organization into a higher level of influence for our members and tackle some of the issues that multiples and parents of multiples face such as financial, which is the biggest challenge that most have.

“On the day, for example, we will have members from the insurance industry give a talk on the best covers for multiples, kindergartens will also familiarize the members with the packages they have for parents of multiples and also toy suppliers. We also want to reach out to parents who have lost their child (ren) during birth or are born with development issues and offer them counseling.”

Other than that, there will also be fun activities for kids and talks on different topics such as car safety, first aid, nutrition, breast feeding, infant supplements, schools, on whether it is best to raise multiple children independently or together, breastfeeding and child safety among others. The talks will be led by experts in their respective fields and also parents with experience in raising multiples.

Mothers of multiple newborns will be pampered i.e. get their hair done, manicures and pedicure as the other mum stake care of their children,

The event does not have a restrictive age, mothers of all age groups of multiples are invited also those that are pregnant with multiples.

It will be held at the children’s park Nairobi. To get in touch for partnerships with the society or to become a member you can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Dr. Wala at: 0722775932

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