Kibera based jump rope federation trains children on sport

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Jump rope, an activity similar to skipping is helping Kenyan children travel the world participating in various international competitions.

Since its inception in 2010, the Kenya Jump Rope Federation has participated in numerous international competitions with the most prominent being the World Jump Rope Association Championship.

“In 2013 for instance, we were able to take six students to the competition whereby they were able to get positions four and five in various categories,” said Innocent Phillip, Interim Head at Kenya Jump Rope Federation.

According to Innocent, jump rope resembles skipping because it has foundations in this common children’s game.

“In jump rope, skipping is the most basic element which is used to gain a bounce. Jump rope differs from skipping because more skill is required and it tends to have elements of acrobatics, gymnastics and even dance,” he said.

Children as young as six years can participate in jump rope.

“Anyone at any age can learn how to jump rope,” said Innocent. “For example, we taught a lady who was in her late thirties how to jump rope in an hour.”

Not only is jump rope a great way to get children to exercise in a fun way, it also helps in brain development.

According to the Jump Rope Institution, jumping aids in the development of the right and left parts of the brain thereby helping to improve reading skills, mental alertness and memory.

Based in Kibera, the Kenya Jump Rope Federation imparts its skills to children through classes and after-school activities. One of the places these skills are imparted is in Kibera.

“If children are interested in joining the team here, there is a registration fee of Sh1500 and an annual fee of Sh1000,” said Innocent.

The federation also offers trains at schools and private classes.

“Here we charge Sh3000 for one session which lasts anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour,”said Innocent.

Currently, the Kenya Jump Rope Federation holds training sessions for children at Nairobi Waldorf School, Makini School and Little Rock whereby they helped in a charity walk.

For more information call Innocent on 0711 417 190

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