Bedwetters urged to use mattress protectors to prevent infections

Bedwetters urged to use mattress protectors to prevent infections0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyan parents with bed wetting children can consider using an absorbent mattress protector so as to that their children can get better sleep and even preventing infections.

“Mattress protectors can absorb up to three litres of urine at a time and retain it” said Evangeline Wandia, who sells the mattress protectors. “With these children are able to continue sleeping peacefully even after they have wet their beds.”

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The mattress protector helps in absorbing the moisture, which in turn reduces the discomfort one would feel while sleeping on a wet surface.

“It also helps curb bacteria that is caused by urine thus reduces the chance of a one getting infections, colds or bed sores,” said Wandia. “It also protects the mattress from urine damage and pungent smell.”

The mattress protectors are portable such that a child can carry it to sleepovers, camps, while traveling or even boarding schools. They are washable, do not wear out thus can be used for over two years without the need for replacements.

However they are not just for children, they can also be used by adults. “The mattress protector can be used by adults that have struggles with incontinence,” she said. “The best type to go for is one that fits the size of your bed best, this will make sure that it will not shift as you sleep and roll in bed.

“Currently we have 85cm by 90cm size, which can fit a six by six bed perfectly. It comes in different colours and goes for Sh3000.”

To reach Evangeline call her on: 0728091400


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