Nairobi-based children's play club offering parents sleep training program

Nairobi-based children's play club offering parents sleep training program0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Momzy Network, a Nairobi-based child play club, is offering Kenyan parents sleep training program.

“Sleep training is very important to parents who are sleep deprived due to a baby who will not go to sleep early or one who wakes up in the middle of the night crying,” said Mwende Ruth, the founder of Momzy Network and a sleep coach.

“Also it helps in the growth and development of the baby and the same time the mother is able to get the much needed sleep.”

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Indeed, according to an article titled ‘Why Sleep Matters to Babies and Parents’ sleep is important for maturation of infants’ brains and consolidation of their memories.

“Several studies have shown that babies that get less sleep gain more fat as infants and are at higher risk of being overweight at 3 years of age,” said Dr Alice Callahan, a research scientist in parenting and the author of the article. “When infants do not sleep, their mothers do not either. And mothers of infants with sleep problems are at higher risk of postpartum depression.”

In this, Mwende is looking to relieve parents of the burden of putting their baby to sleep through sleep training. “Putting a baby to sleep is not an obvious thing; it is not something that a mother naturally knows and as one, I know what they go through.”

From her experiences as a mother, Mwende took it upon herself to offer the services to other mothers who were having trouble putting their child to sleep.

“I offer different packages; there is the office/professional package, where I offer consultations in my office with the parents. I assess their child’s sleep patterns and from that, I write them a sleep schedule in which they are to strictly follow. I will then conduct follow ups every week via email or by phone to find out the progress. I charge Sh3000 per consultation.”

For parents, who are unable to visit her office for a consultation, they can call her. This, she said, it is for parents who are more hands on with their child and would like to sleep train them personally. She charges Sh5000.

And parents who would like to be present as the sleep training is taking place there is the 5pm-8pm in-house package for Sh35000.

Then there is the half-night package, “it is from 6pm to midnight, for three nights. I observe how the parents put the child to sleep and the baby’s sleep patterns. From this, I will be able to draw up a sleep pattern that fits the baby’s program and ensure the parents follow it. I charge Sh58000

“Similarly, there is the overnight package, whereby I stay through the night. This gives the parents a chance to sleep through the night as I care for the baby and in the morning, I give them a report of the baby’s progress during the training. I charge Sh80000.”

Her training is not just limited to parents living in Nairobi; she also offers an out of town package for Sh150000. “After training, I conduct follow ups every week or so and the charges are negotiable,” she said.

The training, she said, will only be effective if the parents completely implement the sleep schedule. “Usually the parents fall off the wagon when the child does not abide to the set routine that is why I have to be stricter on parents than children. The child need to sleep at the stipulated time every day, this routine will help them through the night.”

Momzy Network offices are located at Westend Towers on Waiyaki Way. To reach her call: 0702639917.

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