Postpartum doulas help mothers ease into their new role

Postpartum doulas help mothers ease into their new role 0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

A Kenyan mother is offering services as a postpartum doula in a bid to help parents to ease into their new roles and also help in the prevention of postpartum depression.

“When a woman gives birth, the first six to twelve weeks are usually the most difficult,” said Mwende Ruth, a postpartum doula and a mother of one. “The parents have to deal to deal with the new challenges that come with the new baby, this is where I come in, I help take care of the mother as she recovers from the birth and also the baby.”

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According to a position paper titled, ‘The Postpartum Doula’s Role in Maternity Care’ by Dona International, a doula organization, the role of the doula is one of non-medical support.

“Healthcare professionals such as doctors, midwives, nurses and others are responsible for the health and well-being of mother and baby. The non-medical support of the doula meets the practical and psycho-social needs of the family,” said the paper.

“The doula’s knowledge of the changes that come with a new baby enables her to enhance communication both within the family and with other support professionals.”

But the services a doula offers are not just for new mothers, doulas help experienced parents bond with their older children and their new family addition.

“When a new sibling is born, the older children may feel neglected by their parents as the more attention and care is paid to the newborn. In such cases, a doula will care for the younger one as the parents bond with the older children.”

For her services Mwende offers different packages which will include soothing techniques, help in breastfeeding, baby care, household care, emotional support, food preparation, answering the mother’s questions, ensuring the baby and mother get enough sleep.

The charges will depend the services needed and on which days, starting from Sh3000 per hour (negotiable). To reach her call:0702638917

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