Nurturing children's talents

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Kenyan parents are being urged to nurture their children’s’ talents so that they can grow up with a positive self-esteem and a a health self-identity.

“Parents should learn to observe and talk to their children,” said Dr. Susan Gitau, a child psychologist and a lecturer at Africa Nazarene University. “From this, they can learn what their talents are and help nurture them into something positive even a career. It also helps in their self esteem and a health self-identity.”

Indeed according to an article by the University of Missouri, adults can nurture children's positive self-esteem by helping them discover what they are good at doing.

“Part of a child's self esteem comes from feeling competent and skilled at something she or he enjoys. Parents can play a big role in helping children to be successful and feel good about themselves,” it said.

It is this positive self esteem that contributes to their careers and future decisions as adults. “Nowadays, most children’s career aspirations are based on what they are good at doing and what they enjoy doing,” said Dr Susan.

“If parents nurture their talents, by talking to them and preparing them for the future early, then they will not struggle in finding a right path career-wise.”

Dr Susan also encourages parents to be good role models to their children because they imitate what they do from a young age. “If you want your child to follow a certain path, then as a parent, you need to set the example for them.”

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