How to become a golf caddie in Kenya

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clipart-pictures-free-143-Angry-Golfer-Free-Retro-ClipartAfter high school, it can be difficult for Kenyan young adults to land a job but instead of relying on the usual corporate job, there is an opportunity for them to make a career as a golf caddie.

The position requires extensive training but offers immense opportunity for those that pass the course. It is also been found to improve one’s health.

In a study conducted by the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences and published in the US health advocate blog, it found that the average calories burnt during a 9-hole golf course ranges from 400 calories to 750.

“Pulling or carrying clubs on the golf course is a great workout, it helps one stay fit, improve muscle tone and endurance, and lose weight and body fat,” read the article titled, The Health Benefits of Golf.

“It is also has low risk of injury because it can be a leisurely yet competitive, activity compared to other sport jobs. And walking in an open and natural environment, like a golf course, has been proven to reduce stress levels.”

In this, KenyaKidz spoke to John Kahoro, the golf administrator at the Windsor Golf Resort on how young Kenyan adults can get jobs as golf caddies in the country.

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How can one become a golf caddy?
You apply at the golf clubs like any other job to become a caddie.

Are there particular skills that one requires beforehand?
You need to be fluent in English and Kiswahili languages, physically fit and have interest in golf.

How long does training to become a golf caddy take?
The train can take a minimum of six months but it depends on one’s ability to learn the game

Is there a particular education level one is supposed to have attained?
Minimum education level would be KCSE

What is the minimum age for one to become a golf caddy?
The legal employment age of 18 years is the minimum age of being hired as a caddie.

Other than golfing, what other activities do golf caddies take part in?
Caddies at Windsor are involved in keeping the habitat of the course in good condition.

What are some of the challenges that golf caddies face?
The major challenge that golf caddies face is the weather conditions. On a wet day, it can be quite difficult pulling the golf clubs on the grass.

Would you advise a child to consider being a golf caddy as a career?
I would advice young people to take up caddying since it is gradually becoming a paying career as the game of golf grows in Kenya. It also produces some of the top golfers since caddies are also allowed time to play golf on the courses they work.

How much do caddies earn?
Caddies at Windsor earn between 40000 to 60000 per month

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