How to make a horizontal tire swing set

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downloadKenyan parents seeking to save money by spending time indoors with their children rather than going on holidays can do so by improvising the small backyard at their homes often ignored as just basic space into a kids’ playground with a simple horizontal swing set.

It is a money saver as the materials required to make it are easily available in hardware stores countrywide, it is a ‘do-it-yourself’(DIY) project thus no need for added man power and it is can be completed within one weekend.

Materials needed:
-Used tire
- Four equal lengths of steel chain (should be at least 3/8 of an inch in diameter and between 3 and 5 feet long)
-Four stainless steel quick links
- One locking swivel hook
- Three steel U-bolts

Below is a basic swing set plan:

Step1. Find the perfect tree and branch. Oak trees are considered to be ideal for swings because that are sturdy however a safe and hardwood tree will also be a good pick.

Step2. Get the tire. On average, a used tire at a car dealership costs Sh100. Wash it thoroughly to rid it of all the dust and grease, to avoid staining clothes and spreading diseases.

Step3.One will need a cordless drill for both swing-it costs Sh2500 in hardware stores. With this, drill a few holes into the centre of one sidewall of the tire.
Drill another three sets of two holes on the shoulder of the tire opposite of the otherholes. Separate the three sets an equal distance apart so that the tire is split into even thirds. Space the pairs so that three U-bolts can fit into them.
Hook each U-bolt onto the last link of each of the three remaining chains. Place the bottom of the U-bolts through the holes made and fix them in place using the plates and nuts they came with. Finally, hook the last link of the chains' free ends onto the locking swivel hook.
Steel U-bolts cost Sh100 each

Step4. Hook one length of chain around the branch, fasten it into a loop with a quick link, finally, hang the swivel hook from the quick link with the hook portion facing down.

Step5.Attach the tire to the hanging chain. Once completed with this step, the swing should be ready to use.
-a chain costs Sh200 per metre
-stainless steel quick links cost Sh350 each
-Swivel hook cost Sh200 each

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