Golfing with Kenyan's top professional golfer, Nelson Mundanyi at the Muthaiga Junior Golf Club

Golfing with Kenyan's top professional golfer, Nelson Mundanyi at the Muthaiga Junior Golf Club0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

da6890a2a9cb5a697591e6f4a2e52d7cThis is the club where Nelson Mundanyi, one of Kenya’s top professional golfers, started his career journey.

It is also the club where the country’s top ranking young golfers such as Mutahi Mbugu and the leading female golfer, Kellie Gachaga aged 16 years, and the youngest David Murigi aged 13 years are members and train.

For young children, the club provides them with the opportunity to learn proper etiquette, interact and nurture relationships with other young golfers as it did to Mundanyi.

Through the club he was exposed to the international scene allowing him to part in tournaments that elevated his career further.

“Muthaiga Junior Golf Club trains and nurtures boys and girls from ages of between four and a half years to 18 years Old. It provides them with an opportunity to play golf competitively,” said Nelson Mudanyi, who is also the Resident Professional at Muthaiga Junior Golf club.

“The club organizes training clinics and camps according to the child’s school curriculum. When schools are in session, the clinics are planned and scheduled to take place every Saturday from eight am to 10 am over a period of six or four weekends in a row. During the holidays, since the kids are more flexible, training takes place from Monday to Thursday every week for two hours.”

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The clinic focuses on basic golf techniques, rules and etiquette in addition to physical, psychological and social attributes of which help in child development.

For physical attributes, the children develop muscle memory, strength, hand-eye coordination and balance. Moreover, kids end up developing patience, determination and self-esteem as they develop teamwork and good sportsmanship making golf an essential sport.

“Training children in golf should be carefully balanced in terms of difficulty and challenge so as to keep them engaged. A lot of technical instructions will likely bore the students, but too little practical training can also leave them without the skills necessary to succeed, which leads to frustration,” said Mundanyi.

The club’s coaches have many years of experience working with young children and thus are experts at creating a fun learning environment for all young players.

More than 200 children have participated in these clinics.  The six weekend trainings are charged a fees of Sh10000 while Sh5500 for the holiday training weeks.

Since its founding, the Muthaiga junior golf club has gone on to nurture young children under the age of 18 to become one of Kenya’s budding golf amateurs.

For young beginners, golfing equipment such as the golf clubs, golf bag, a putter, golf cart as well as the club’s golf uniform are fully provided.

Golfing in Kenya was previously regarded as a pass time game for the old members of the society. However, over the years kids have taken it as not only to a recreational game but also a career.

For more information contact them on: Mr. Nelson Mundanyi 07255870027.

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