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Child development training for families, nannies

Getting a competent and professional nanny can be a hard task for many parents. However, with traini [ ... ]

Applying for Kenyan passport for your child

Parents who want to travel with their children require travel documents for them as well. The Kenyan [ ... ]

Teens moving to 'cool' social media platforms

Teenagers globally are migrating to Snapchat and Instagram attracted by special animated features su [ ... ]

Flower company launches music school for new curri...

As the Kenya government introduces a new curriculum in the country’s education sector focusing mor [ ... ]

Sahara Group empowering African girls through Art

Sahara Group, African leading energy conglomerate is collaborating with Zuriel Oduwole, a young film [ ... ]

EA spelling bee competition to be held on Decembe...

East African spelling bee grand finale will take place in Kampala Uganda, on December 9 ending the r [ ... ]

Making the best out of Christmas offers without re...

December is a month that many Kenyan business enterprises give reduces prices, sales, bonuses and ot [ ... ]

10 fun facts about kids this Children's Day

Twentieth November is Children’s Day established by United Nations to promote the declamation of t [ ... ]

Kenyans paying for free Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi has become very common with Kenyans being attracted to every establishment from hotels, [ ... ]

How to apply for HELB loan

The Higher Education Loan Board offers education loans to students in various higher learning instit [ ... ]

World Scrabble tournament to be held in Kenya

The world’s second scrabble championship will be held at Laico Regency Nairobi after the first in  [ ... ]

The teaching assistant for primary school pupils i...

In a bid to help Kenyan children improve on their academic work, Safaricom and Eneza Education launc [ ... ]

Mobile platform helps Kenyan students improve scho...

Kenyan students can now improve their performance off school by using the mobile learning management [ ... ]

Kenya pupils to represent country in spelling bee ...

On Saturday, Kenyan pupils from 36 counties will congregate in Nyali Mombasa for this year’s Natio [ ... ]

Mombasa school grooming entrepreneurial skill in K...

A group of 16 year olds at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa is now three years into running their own bu [ ... ]

Learning organisation teaches Kenyan kids science ...

Kenyan parents can enroll their children at the Young Engineers Kenya, an organization that imparts  [ ... ]

The Teacher's Service Commission implements new ru...

In a bid to curb teachers’ absenteeism in school, a factor that been identified as one of the majo [ ... ]

What to expect in the new Kenyan school education ...

The Kenyan educational ministry has approved the new educational system 2-6-3-3-3 from 8-4-4 in a bi [ ... ]

Former astronaut selected to chair the finals of c...

A former astronaut and French Minister, now special advisor to European Space Agency’s (ESA) Direc [ ... ]

School absenteeism slows development of reading sk...

Absenteeism has been identified as a major challenge in Kenyan schools in a report released by the K [ ... ]

Educative day care centre for Kenyan Kids

Kenyan parents looking to enroll their children into an educative day care program as they go back t [ ... ]

Life skills program introduced in the Kenyan schoo...

Kenyan students can now access life skills such as leadership programs through the syllabus followin [ ... ]

Rongai teacher enhances learning with storytelling

An Ongata Rongai primary school teacher is reviving the age-old art form of story telling by incorpo [ ... ]

Kenyan high school students win at international s...

Last month, two high school students made history by becoming the first Kenyans to win at the Intel  [ ... ]

New textbooks and re-training of teachers needed w...

At the start of the year it was announced that there were plans to revive the old East African syste [ ... ]

Change in the Kenya national school system: Are th...

The Kenyan government recently announced plans to change the national school system from 8-4-4 to a  [ ... ]

Kenyan kids learn about road safety at national ch...

Kenyan children have a chance to learn about traffic rules at the Nairobi Children Traffic Park in a [ ... ]

Homeschooling in Kenya

It might not be a popular concept in the country yet but homeschooling is being considered as one of [ ... ]

Holiday home tuition for Kenyan pupils and student...

Kenyan parents have a chance to enroll their school going students for home tuition with Preswin hom [ ... ]

How to rescue a laptop from liquid spills

Computers and laptops have almost become a necessity in Kenyan families’ homes. Taking care of the [ ... ]

How to use a laptop on the bed

Kenyan families stand to lose their data by using laptops in bed improperly leading to overheating.  [ ... ]

African literature improves Kenya kids self-esteem

Kenyan children have a chance to increase their self-esteem and cultural identity by reading African [ ... ]

Where to safely dispose your e-waste

Kenyan families are being urged to look for better ways of disposing their electrical and electronic [ ... ]

National spelling bee to improve Kenya kids litera...

Kenyan children have the chance to participate in a national spelling bee that has been organized by [ ... ]

North Eastern teacher set on eliminating violent e...

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” These words spoken by Indian revolutionar [ ... ]

Surprised learning technique makes Kenyan babies s...

Kenyan babies could improve their IQ levels thanks to a research that discoivered that the element o [ ... ]

How to protect your child online

Twenty-nine per cent of Kenyan children do not know how to protect themselves online or where they c [ ... ]

Children's organisation tackles online abuse

A children's organisation is guarding Kenyan kids against child online abuse by raising awareness on [ ... ]

Benefits of baby sign language

A newly opened pre-school is training children as young as six months how to communicate without tal [ ... ]

Nursery School Rhymes

Kenyan pre-schoolers have a chance to preserve their culture and enhance their early stage education [ ... ]

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