The Kenyan Ministry of Health takes measures to prevent Ebola outbreak in the country

On 9 May, the World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of a cluster of undiagnosed illness{...}

Where to get children party costumes in Nairobi

Birdie mascots and costumes
They have costumes for both adults and children. For adults; the{...}

The nutritional benefits of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have been found to have various nutritional value such as providing, Vitamin A,{...}

The perils of social media

With one in four teenagers being online at any given time, the growing dependency of social{...}

The Hub Karen Mall Goes Green with 450KW Solar Farm

The Hub Karen Mall, has announced plans to install a 450 Kilowatt solar electric power{...}

The importance of a nutritious breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. It is generally recommended by several dietary{...}

It takes more than passion for the game to be a golf caddie

Joseph Wanaina watches keenly as the golfer standing a few centimeters in front of him hit the{...}

The Kenyan archery club that trains Olympians

At the 2016 Olympics, archery was one of the most watched sports, it rated second on TV to{...}

Golfing with Kenyan's top professional golfer, Nelson Mundanyi at the Muthaiga Junior Golf Club

This is the club where Nelson Mundanyi, one of Kenya’s top professional golfers, started his{...}

The gluten-free diet is not as healthy as consumers think

Gluten, a type of protein found in grains, wheat and barley has become one of those food{...}

Drinking two glasses of milk a day keeps the doctor away

Most parents encourage their children to drink milk telling them that it will help them grow{...}

Take only six teaspoons of sugar per day to reduce risk of lifestyle diseases, WHO recommends

A Euromonitor report on the global economies and consumers 2017 has revealed that diabetes is{...}

How to make a horizontal tire swing set

Kenyan parents seeking to save money by spending time indoors with their children rather than{...}

Two Rivers Mall offers more fun for Kenyan families

It is the country’s biggest shopping mall and it does not disappoint in providing families{...}

Five after-school programs for Kenyan kids

Kenyan parents can enroll their children in various after-school programs as a way of keeping{...}

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