The event for young Kenyan entrepreneurs at the Zen Garden

In a bid to inspire and promote young Kenyan entrepreneurs, Zen Garden will on Saturday,{...}

Vacationing at Kenya's South Coast: Diani

Diani Beach is one top go-to places for people seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the{...}

Where to get night lamps

Kenya parents, whose children are having trouble sleeping because they are afraid of the dark{...}

Facts about sickle cell anemia

• September is sickle cell anemia awareness month.
• It has been commemorated since 1983.

The Ministry of Health takes measures to curb suicide cases among youth in the country

The Government has laid out an elaborate strategy to address the suicide mortality problem and{...}

Wildebeest migration at Olumara Camp in the Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara national reserve is one of the country’s major attractions for local and{...}

Healthcare forum for parents with special needs kids

My Ella Centre, an organization that caters for special needs children in Kenya will next week{...}

Popular Nairobi baby fair event to take place in October

Baby banda pregnancy and baby fair is set to hold its annual event in October celebrating its{...}

Kenya National Library invites kids to join its club

The Kenya National Library (KNLS) is giving children a chance to join its kids’ club in a bid{...}

Centre for special needs children opened in Westlands, Nairobi

A centre called My Ella Centre that caters for special needs children in Kenya including those{...}

Back to school activities for Kenyan kids

Kenyan parents can engage their children as the school holiday winds down in family fun{...}

A new anti-malarial is being tested in Africa by pharmaceutical company,Novartis

In a bid to eradicate malaria globally, pharmaceutical company, Novartis in collaboration with{...}

Garden City mall launch kids' club

Kenyan parents seeking to involve their children in after-school and holiday activities can{...}

Day out: Karura Forest

Kenyans seeking a getaway and a venue that offers a moment of serenity can visit Karura{...}

August holiday camps for Kenya kids

As the holidays kick in, Kenyan parents seeking to keep their children busy during this period{...}

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