An event for book lovers

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Heart shaped book2Kenyan book lovers have a chance to interact and share their books with their counterparts at a book swap event.

“The event is meant to bring to together book lovers and share their love for African literature,” said Audrey Kathurima, the founder of the event and a book lover. “People come with 2 to 3 different books and exchange, they then sit in different groups and discuss the books or choose one and discuss it.”

The inspiration to start the event was idea she had from when she was young. “When I was younger, I would invite my cousins over and we would exchange our favourite books instead of buying new ones and that is where the idea of book swap came about.

“It has so far had an overwhelming response and most people who attend the event are genuine book lovers, you can tell by the way they interact with the other book lovers.”

The event is also a way of promoting African literature; They have a guest reader activity whereby they invite a writer to showcase their work to the audience.

“The guest reader, can be upcoming or experienced writers, is usually suggested by the audience or they can volunteer themselves,” said Audrey. “From their showcase, they get feedback, suggestion and constructive criticism that aids them with their writing.This month’s event guest reader is Hanafi, a Kenyan writer.”

Swapping of books is not permanent said Audrey. For those with an emotion attachment to their books, they exchange phone numbers, email addresses and meet up to return each other’s books.

The event takes place every second Sunday of the month; attendees get a free cocktail at the entrance. This month’s event will take place at on the 15th of January at Merida Gardens from 2pm.
Audrey can be reached on 0729222040

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