Parents' workshop meant to improve children's school work

Parents' workshop meant to improve children's school work0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyan parents have a chance to attend a workshop on Saturday that can help in their children’s academic performance and development.

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“The workshop is for parents with children aged 5-12, it will teach them ways on how to enhance the role they play in their children’s development especially in academics,” said Mary Njenga, one of the trainers of Peak Performance International, the hosts of the event.

Peak Performance International is a training organization that conducts programs that are meant to help children build their memory, improve their academic work, technical abilities, help them grow holistically and build their relationships with their parents and friends.

According to an article titled How do parents matter? published in the American Psychological Association, parenting adds up to a lifestyle that funnels into the language, general knowledge, reading and math skills that children start school with. 

At the workshop, the Peak Performance International team, plan to expound on one of the programs that they teach to children on school holidays, known as Genius Mastery. “We will give an in depth look of the program,” said Mary. “We want to teach parents how they can help their children to use their left and right brain hemisphere at the same time so that they can improve on their academic performances.”

The Genius Mastery program involves a series of sessions that are designed to enhance whole brain learning. The program proposes the planting seeds of art, numeric's, music, spoken and written language early in life so that a child will have a rich subconscious library of information. When this high-quality input is combined with joyful play, imaginative exploration and critical thinking activities, both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, resulting in incredible whole brain acceleration.

The speakers of event will include trainers from the program among them being James Gitau, the founder of Peak Performance International.
It will take place at the their offices on Ngong road next to Uchumi Hyper from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. They can be reached on; 07027400100.

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