Nairobi Art Center marks 10 years with art competition

Nairobi Art Center marks 10 years with art competition5 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

The Nairobi Art Centre is giving Kenyan children the chance to the part in an art completion that will see them put their creative and artistic skills to the test.

“The art competition is a great way of celebrating our 10th anniversary this year and we would to celebrate it with art lovers especially children,” said Migael Andesha, the administrator of operations at Nairobi Art Centre. “It is also a way of inspiring children to embrace their creativity and have fun with art.”

The theme of the event is “world of colour”. “Despite the theme, it is open,” she said. “Participants can draw their inspiration from their surroundings and choose a theme that they prefer, from nature, wildlife and celebrations among others.”

Once the art is submitted, it will then be posted on Facebook where people will be asked to vote on the best. “The 10 with the most likes will be displayed at an open house at the Nairobi Art Centre,” she said. “The judges will then decide on the three best that will prizes. Some of the prizes include art classes at the centre and art supplies.”

The competition is open for children of ages seven to eleven. Children taking part should submit their art pieces by 1st June after which they will be posted on Nairobi Art centre’s Facebook page, where the artists will urge friends and family to vote for them for two weeks. The voting process will end on June 11th and the winners will be announced afterwards.

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