Nairobi teacher introduces home schooled art classes

Nairobi teacher introduces home schooled art classes0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

A Nairobi based art teacher is giving four year old Kenyan children the chance to learn art from the comfort of their living rooms.

Pauline’s Picasso Classes teach children between the ages of four and six how to paint in an individualised a one-on-one forum.

“For children this young, individual classes work best because in a group there are different levels of understanding therefore some may get left behind,” said Pauline Njonge who teaches the classes.

The lessons which last for one hour are not based on particular themes or concepts but rather involve the child in what they want to learn.

“At this tender age, I have found that it is best to work with the interests of the child. So for example, if I find that a child is more interested in sketching and drawing than painting then that is what we will work on,” she said.

Despite also teaching crafts, Pauline concentrates on drawing and painting with the four to six year olds.

“ The time is too limiting and I want the child to come out with a finished piece of artwork that they can show to their parents,” she said.

She goes on to add that this age group best concentrates for periods of about 15 minutes therefore a lot of breaks are incorporated making the drawing or painting projects work best.

In a typical class, Pauline starts by taking out the image that they will draw or paint.

“I will start out by showing them how to sketch then we go to drawing. We will then colour or paint and end by putting the finishing touches such as shadows,” she said.

Pauline also does art classes for older children.

“Here the children are more aware of what they want to do and can better articulate it. You will also find that with many of them it is usually for one or several school projects,” she said.

Apart from individual lessons, Pauline also teaches at birthday parties . For such occasions, she will come with a helper depending on the number of children.

Pauline’s Picasso Classes cost Sh2000 per hour per child for the individual one-on-one classes. She caters for the art material required such as canvases, paint brushes, colouring pencils among others. Transport charges will also be included and vary depending on the location. When it comes to the birthday parties, the price depends on the the number of children and the theme for the party.

If a parent would like an art class for their child, she requests a notice period of three to seven days.

For more information, call Pauline Njonge on 0707 891 735

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