International football academy recruiting in Kenya

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International football academy, Edukick is recruiting children as young as 14 years to join their year long programme.

The programme which is recruiting for the first time in Kenya aims to give children who are interested in pursuing football professionally a head start.

“For children who are trying to go professional in football, this is the gateway. They also do a degree on the side in case they do not make it as a footballer,” said Suraj Shah, an agent with Edukick.

Edukick International is based in Manchester, England and has been around for 10 years. This is the first time however, that they are recruiting from Kenya.

For a whole year, boys as young as 14 years will receive football training to prepare them for a career in the beautiful game. The player will develop the physical, technical, tactical and mental foundation required for better performance in football matches.

In addition to this, the teenagers have chance to compete against professional and semi-professional colleges and academies.

“So you have Liverpool, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers. There are a lot of professional clubs in all the leagues across the UK,” said Suraj.

Four times an year, there are also trials from professional coaches and scouts from all the divisions.

“Most of the clubs from north London attend. These are Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City,” he said.

Students at Edukick will also get to attend various types of matches during their stay.

“Because Manchester City is in the Premier League, they will get to for those kind of matches. They will also attend lower division games to see how football is played across all the leagues not just Premier League

While undergoing the training, the children have a chance to undertake various studies such as BTEC.

“This is a sports degree where you basically learn everything about sports. In case the children are not able to go professional then they can decide what they want to do in sports such as physiotherapy, nutrition, management,” said Suraj.

There is also the opportunity to take up one’s O’ levels, A levels, enroll in the IB programme or finish off your schooling in the American system.

Seeing that it is an international academy, students are recruited from all over the world providing a perfect platform for them to learn new languages and cultures. The academy also teaches English to those who may want to improve on theirs.

Suraj who is a product of the academy and now a coach at Farasi Lane saw it fit to bring the recruitment here so as to bring up football in the country.

During the one year training, interested in host families can also indicate what they are looking for in a family. The host families have at least two students in the same age group at a time to prevent the children from getting lonely.

For more information call Suraj Shah on 0725 777 718 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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