Gigiri gym with no work out machines

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Crossfit, a vigorous fitness training program without any work out machines has gained momentum globally including Kenya under the name Crossfit Kwetu.

“Unlike other fitness programs, our gym does not have any workout machines,” said Nathan Reed, one of the founders and a fitness instructor at the gym. “ We focus on correct and technical movement using tyres, boxes and weights among others.”

It involves Olympic weight lifting classes, gymnastics, aerobics and weight training.

According to article titled the benefits of crossfit on the website,  the goal of the program is to be functionally fit. "To push every aspect of your body to the maximum so that you are healthy, strong and in shape. Not just so you can lift a ton of weight or run a minute mile, but so you are fit to do anything that life throws at you."

The program however is not just for adults; it is for kids as well. “For kids we have movement skills, gymnastics skills and weight lifting without loads we want to engage with them while having fun at the same time,” he said. “We start them on a slow routine which include, impact load cartwheels, hand stands, jumping as high as possible or into box so that as they progress they are able to get involved in gymnastics classes and weight lifting classes with ease.”
The gym, is located in Gigiri, Nairobi. Classes for adults are 12500 per month and for kids are Sh600 per class.
To get in touch with them call: 0701748786

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