Financial management boot camp for teenagers

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CaptureKids have the opportunity to enroll in Centonomy Teen Bootcamp, a financial management camp that equips teenagers with a baseline to financial security, wealth creation and realization of their dreams.

The camp to be held on 15-18 November and 13- 16 December in Victoria Plaza, Westlands and Karen County Club respectively will have teenagers aged 13-17 real conversations on the topic of money, how to create a saving culture as well as how to be successful.

"We have grown up hearing money does not grow on trees, but nothing about how to make money. The centonomy teen boot camp aims at teaching kids where the money actually comes from and how they can invest for a financially stable future at a youth age," said Joan Nduti, General Manager, Marketing at Centonomy.

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The boot camp is a four-day training that will take the kids through practical sessions on six courses including success, risk, return and reward, Introduction to saving and investment, money myths, achieving your dreams, parents and guardians session.

"We will have six sessions covering topics that are designed to enable teenagers to use their skills to be successful, a head start on wealth creation, understanding money and a financial management course for their parents and guardians on the final day," said Nduti.

The camp will run from 9-1 p.m. for the three days with a parents and teens forum on the fourth day and later the graduation.

"We decided to set the time at 9 p.m since many parents prefer dropping their kids at the boot camp on their way to work. The graduation will be a compulsory event that will see participants get certificates for the course," said Nduti.

The boot camp will enable the kids to;

• Gain a long-term perspective on life and thus shape today to impact their tomorrow

• Learn how to handle money and mold healthy money attitudes

• Gain a deeper understanding of themselves

• Learn how to dream big, plan and take action to realize these dreams

• Learn how to make and grow their money

• Know where and how to start on their financial journey

As well as;

• Encourage and build good financial habits and attitudes in their children

The registration costs Sh1,000 with a tuition fee of Sh14,000.To register call 0700 036 433 or visit to register online.

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