Family indoor activities for the rainy season

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The rainy season is here and with the kids on holiday get fun activities that can be done indoors. Below are a few indoor activities for the whole family.

Cooking/Baking- Baking with your family is a fun activity that will be inclusive and will help you bond with your kids. Parents can suggest that kids come up with creative ideas to incorporate into the recipes they prepare. Kitchen activities will obviously help you keep arm.

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Fashion show- With kids creativity this is an awesome idea that will engage kids’ fun side as well as entertain the family. Make it fun by awarding best dressed or best dresser and making them choose from the parents’ closet for the outfits.
Play games- Playing games is fun and also engages your body keeping yourselves warm. Games like "Simon Says" and "Follow the Leader" are great proactive games that promote groups participation and individual participation. You can incorporate games that make you play in teams to add spice and a little competition

Tell stories- Kids love stories. Take turns in telling stories with the whole family. Learn a few storytelling techniques for kids to make them concentrate and enjoy. Make it educational by asking questions after.
Music- Children love dancing and singing. Put on your favorite music and practice some dance routines. You can also learn to play an instrument.
Watch movies- Movies are a good way to unwind indoors and you have some family time. Animations and cartoons are good for younger kids. You can ask the kids to select from your collection of classic movies the activity inclusive. Add spice to watching one none of you has watched before.

Write Letters- With almost everyone not writing letters, this will be a fun activity to express yourselves to each other and relatives. Everyone will decide who they any to write to. Do it and mail to them.

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