Kenya celebrates 'World Heritage Day'

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NationalFlagsThe National Museums of Kenya is giving Kenyan families a chance to celebrate World Heritage Day through its annual cultural event. Under the the theme 'World Heritage World Unity', The Third Nairobi Cultural Festival will give families an opportunity to sample food, traditions and performances from various countries all over the world.

This year marks the third time that the museum will be celebrating World Heritage Day with a number of countries scheduled to participate.
“We will have USA, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Botswana, Finland, Germany, China, Philippines,” said Munira who is one of the organizers of the event.

The day will not be short of activities for the family with each country having its own stand.
“The countries will be represented by different embassies which will showcase their culture trhrough cuisine, documentary, dance, artefacts,fashion parades” noted Munira who goes on to add that there will also be be on stage performances.

Children will not be left behind in the fun.
“We also have a kids section which will have activities such as face painting, art & craft among other things,” remarked the event organiser.

This year's event sees some improvements from the other two previous editions.
“First of all we have more embassies participating and UNESCO will be in this year,” said Munira.

Running from 10am to 6pm, the event will be free of charge although other costs may be incurred.
“Countries will have a chance to showcase their cuisine but at a fee,” commented Theresa who is also organising the cultural event.
According to Theresa, the price of the food depends on the embassy but they are advised to “sell in small portions so that people can sample from various countries.” Despite there being no fixed price for the food it should range between Sh200 and Sh350.

With it being a cultural event, Theresa is quick to suggest that if families can, they should attend in cultural attire.

The World Heritage Day is marked the world over on April 18th but National Museum of Kenya has decided to bring the festivities to the country on April 19th.

For more information on the cultural event, contact National Museums of Kenya on 0721 308 485.

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