Kids hunt for treasure on World Heritage Day

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A treasure hunt is giving Kenya kids a chance to celebrate World Heritage Day at The Third Nairobi Cultural Festival. Being held by newly formed club-The Fantastic Kids Club, the event hopes to give children a fun day out at the cultural event.

The treasure hunt will be among the kids activities happening at the World Heritage Day festivities which is being celebrated as part of  The Third Nairobi Cultural Festival.

“We thought this would be a fun way to get children to come for the the cultural event plus they have an opportuniy to learn various aspects about different cultures,” siad Maureen who started the Fantastic Kids Club.

The treasure hunt will target kids between the ages of three and twelve years.
“We will divide children into age groups so that everyone is comfortable,” remarked Maureen.

There wil be various prizes on offer ranging from vouchers to gifts. Children are aslo advised to wear anything cultural so as to be in theme with the day.

Happening at the Nairobi National Museum, the treasure hunt will start at 2pm. Members of Fantastic Kids Club wil be charged Sh200 while non-members will pay Sh350 inorder to participate.

This is the among the first events Fantastic Kids Club is holding. The club was recently launched earlier in the year with the viewing of a 3D movie.

According to Maureen a lot is in store for the club.
“We hope to hold more fun events and our next one may probably be a visit to the library seeing that the school term will have started,” remarked Maureen.

Those interested in joining the club will also have an opportunity to do so.
“We will have application forms available for recruiting new members. All one will need is a photo and registration fee of Sh1200,” explained Maureen.

The treasure hunt will be part of  The Third Nairobi Cultural Festival which will be marking World Heritage Day at Nairobi National Museum from 10am-6pm on Sunday 19th April, 2015.

For more information on the treasure hunt and Fantastic Kids Club, call Maureen on 0721 145 363.

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