In search of the best German Shepherd

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A dog show  is giving German Shepherd owners a chance to enter their pet in the German Shepherd Dog League which aims to find the best bred pedigree dog in East Africa.

Being held on July 12th , the show will see around 100  pedigree dogs compete against certain standards.
“Basically it's a beauty show and the judges are judging the dogs on how they are supposed to look, move and behave” remarked Sue Taylor the Executive Officer at East Africa Kennel Club (EAKC).

There will be different classes for the German Shepherds therefore an owner can enter them in whichever they best deem fit.
“Some of the classes will be Minor Puppy Dogs which is the baby dogs, the Puppies, the Novices depending on what they have won and what they haven't won and the Veterans and the Open Classes which is for dogs who have won a lot,” explained Sue of the categories.
From these classes, the Executive Officer goes on to add, that there is an overall winning male and female then one is chosesn between the two as the best German Shepherd Dog for the whole competition.

The German Shepherd will be judged against certain standards which owners are advised to look out for.
“The dog must be handleable because the judges will need to open their mouths and count their teeth. They must also be also be biddable so as to allow the judge to come close to them,” remarked Sue.
The Executive Offiecer adds that the dogs must be socialized, well behaved, walk on a leash, should not attack other people as the qualities needed for the German Shepherds entering the contest. The dogs must also be registered with EAKC in order to compete.

The show which has been running for around 96 years attracts a wide variety of audiences.
Mostly it's people who own German Shepherds, exhibitors, friends, family, people looking to buy good well bred puppies and general dog lovers,” said Sue.

Unlike other dog shows, the German Shepherd Dog League differs in that it is a speciality show therefore people looking to learn more about this breed are given the chance to do so.
“It's a very interesting show because it constitutes just one breed therefore after the judge announces the top three winners, they comment on their reasons for selecting these particular dogs,” noted Sue.
This is unlike the all breed shows which do not give the luxury of time to make those kind of comments and expalanations.

For more informatin on how to enter your German Shepherd for the competition, contact the East African German Shepherd Dog League on 0733 227836.

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