Project Baby Shower to ease Kenyan mums into new roles

Project Baby Shower to ease Kenyan mums into new roles0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Kenyan pregnant women have a chance to attend an informative event dubbed project baby shower which will help them ease into their roles as mothers.

“The event is for first time mums,” said Faith Mwaura, the organizer and founder of the event. “We want to bring them together and teach them joys of motherhood, what they can expect while pregnant and after they give birth.”

Unlike other baby showers, which are meant to be a surprise for the expectant mothers, this one diverts from the norm and it is not just for heavily pregnant mums, it is also for those who are even one month pregnant.

“It is a learning experience so are not just targeting those about to give birth even those who just found out they are pregnant,” said Faith. “We will have a parent coach, lactation manager and a midwife, who will answer any questions from the expectant mothers. Such professionals are usually lacking in the conventional baby showers and we wanted the women not just to have fun experience but to also educate them as they prepare for the motherhood journey.”

And just like other baby showers, the women will receive gifts from the event’s sponsors, in the previous one, the attendees got gifts such as baby thermometers, cotton wool and breast feeding pads among others.

For this year’s edition, fathers are also invited. “From the previous events, most of the mothers suggested that it would be a great idea to invite the fathers because they also have a lot to learn as first time dads. But it is an optional decision.”

The event has been quite helpful to first time mums. “The feedback has been great, mothers tell us it helped the information they got helped them ease into their new role. We also create a whatsapp group for them so that they can continue to interact with other mums, share advice and engage with the midwife, parent coach and lactation manager.”

The events are usually held quarterly; April, August and November. For more information call Faith on; 0721634048 or 0731324358

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