Healthcare forum for parents with special needs kids

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My Ella Centre, an organization that caters for special needs children in Kenya will next week host a forum in a bid to address the challenges that face parents with children with special needs.

“The main objective of this forum is to have an open discussion with professionals in health care, medical field, therapists, caregivers, health insurance companies, parents and teachers on the issues faced by families with special needs and available solutions,” said Eva Gichuki, the founder of the centre.

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It is the second time that the centre is organizing a forum, to help guardians with information that in the care of their children. Such a forum also provides a platform for parents to interact and share their experiences and advice.

In Kenya special needs education for children has been neglected; there are 50,744 disabled students enrolled in school and only 24,000 of them in special schools thus they lack the proper guidance to advance them in their education.

It is due to this lack o proper education that the founders of My Ella Centre began the organization. It was started following frustrations by the founders, who are parents of a child with special needs, due to a lack of information and limited services for persons with disabilities.

“There was a lack of awareness even among service providers including medical staff and teachers therefore we decided that will enable other people access information about the condition.”

However, with adequate information provided and proper education at such centres, children born with disabilities can participate fully in their communities and develop their talents and skills like all other children.

Besides the forum, the centre also offers occupational therapy in a bid to improve handwriting, visual motor and self-care e.g. getting dressed, feeding among others. It also offers speech therapy, physical therapy, play and learn among others.

The event will feature eight key speakers on the day. To get in touch with them contact: 0770993098.

It will take place on Saturday 16h September from 9am to 2pm at the My Ella Centre is located on 7th Floor Azure Towers, Lantana Road, Nairobi Westlands. Those interested in attending need to RSVP by 9th September.

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