Fluconazole drug could lead to miscarriage

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Women in their first trimester of pregnancy could be affected by using Fluconazole causing birth defects in children according to National Authority in Uganda.
Fluconazole is a drug used to treat and prevent fungal infections in children and adults
Fluconazole which is used in the treatment and prevention of specific fungal infections in adults and children could increase chances of miscarriage.
"Review of the current literature suggests an increased risk of spontaneous abortion in women taking fluconazole in the first trimester of pregnancy," product safety director Victoria Nambasa said.
The drug is also used in the management of opportunistic fungal infections among HIV infected mothers.
Nambasa said high doses of the medication and long term treatment may lead to birth defects.
"Fluconazole in high doses in prolonged regimens should not be used during pregnancy except for life-threatening infections," she said.
She said the medication should only be used in pregnancies to monitor patients for any signs of threatened abortion and any other adverse effects.
"Sensitize patients to report back any signs of threatened abortion and or other adverse effects. To report all other adverse drug reactions and any other drug-related concerns," she said.

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