Food warmers for kids

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portable-electric-food-warmer-kenyaA portable electric food warmer is making it easier and safer to reheat children's food compared to other food heating alternatives like microwaves.

The food warmers reheat the contents when connected to an electric source.

“They are actually just small microwaves that can heat food,” remarks Yvonne Tianga who sells them.

Compared to other food heating alternatives such as microwaves, the electric warmers are proving safer.portable-electric-food-warmer-kenya3

“Unlike the microwaves, the portable electric food warmer is not exposed to direct radiation,” siad Yvonne. This makes it safe for warming even a baby's food.

Yvonne advises parents to get the food warmers for their kids as they can also be used to carry packed lunch to school and reheat it instead of carrying snacks.

Apart from warming the food, they also act as food containers in that one carry their food in it and also have the advantage of being portable. According to Yvonne, they are also quite sizeable and carry up to two plates of food.

electric-portable-food-warmer-kenya2The food warmers which go for Sh2500 can be delivered to one's house for free.

For more information on the portable electric food warmers, contact Yvonne on 0727394712 or send her a message on Whatsapp.

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