Artist lights up kids rooms with cartoon designs

Artist lights up kids rooms with cartoon designs0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

Just one of he paintings done by SPray Dayz. Photo: Ralph MwangiAn artist is revamping the bedrooms of Kenya kids through innovative cartoon designs and motifs. Being run under the company Spray Dayz, Raphael Mwangi paints children's bedrooms in a variety of designs and sizes.

Under Spray Dayz, Raphael does a variety artwork that can help transform a child's bedroom.

“We do general painting and cartoons,” explains Raphael-a fine artist who has decided to combine it with craftsmasnship.

So as to create the best bedroom for a child, quite a number of things are taken into consideration.

“When someone calls asking about our services, I first thing I ask is what requirements do you want for your kids,” explains Raphael.

It is here that he tries to learn the child's interests and age so as to be able to offer the parents various themes. A spiritual theme by Spray Dayz. Photo: Ralph Mwangi

“Some of the themes we have are spiritual, secular, cartoons”, remarks Raphael.

From here a visit to the location is done so as to be able to assess the physical space. It is after these evaluations that Raphael is able to give one the costing and a quotation which depends on the amount of work to be done and the area of space to be covered.

“For cartoons we charge Sh2000 per square metre while general paintings can vary from Sh150 to Sh300 per square foot,” says Raphael who adds that a 50 per cent deposit is required before the work can begin.

Depending on the size of artwork to be done, the painting can take anywhere from four hours to a week. If one is living at home while the painting is being done, Raphel requests to be given a duration between 8am and 4pm to do the work. If it is a new space however the painting can run from 8am to 7pm.

When working at your house, Raphael will prepare the space, do the actual work and put the furniture back in place.

“We start with taking down he curtains then placing the furniture in one central place,” explains Raphael.

A cartoon theme of Winnie the Pooh. Photo: Ralph Mwangi“Next we do the masking so as not to leave any paint marks on your floors,” adds the artist.

The painting is also a process that involves Raphael and his team of around three technicians.

“The first day is general painting which is done by my technicians,” says Raphael.

The second and third day see Raphael come in to do the artwork.

“I do  not do artwork on the walls, I prepare them at home then transfer them so as not to leave any pencil marks,” says Raphael.

After the work is done, Raphael and his team clean up and return the furniture to its original positions.

Under Spray Dayz, Raphael also does functional art such as paintings with hooks to hang stuff on. He is also developing furniture for children and paper lights.

For more information on the kids room painting, contact Raphael on 0734 440 966, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or chck out their Facebook Page-Kids Room Painting.

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