Goat milk soap treats skin conditions

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16143141 1634279840207534_6947705541303175686_nAn organic soap made from goat milk is helping Kenyan families curb the effects of debilitating effects of skin diseases such as eczema and acne which according to The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study 2010 affects 30 to 70 per cent of individuals.

Aptly called Goat Milk Soap, the bar soap makes use of its all-natural products to treat various skin conditions.
“The soap is made from farm fresh goat milk and natural essential oils like shea butter and organic coconut oil,” said Wanjiku of Fiery Exotics who sells the soap.

Wanjiku who has been making and selling the soap for the past year began doing so due to its positive effects on her own skin.
“I have bad skin and couldn't tolerate the normal soaps found in the market  but this has worked for me,” she said.

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The goat milk soap is made by mixing a soap base with the goat milk and  natural essential oils like shea butter. The soap base is made from oils. Compared to the commercial soaps found in the market, goat milk soap differs in that it is all natural.
“It does not have chemicals therefore doesn't dry out the skin and cause irritation,” said Wanjiku.

It is the use of natural oils coupled with fresh goat milk that give the bar soap its healing properties as far as treating skin conditions are concerned. According to Wanjiku, the main benefits of the soap are that it keeps skin smooth thereby making it great for dry and irritated skin.

Not only is the goat milk great for the skin but nutritional purposes too. According to a 2007 study done at the University of Granada, goat milk was found to be more beneficial than cow milk. Among these benefits were that it was said to prevent iron deficiency and softening of the bones.

The goat milk soap goes for Sh300 for every 130g bar. Under Fiery Exotics, Wanjiku sells the organic soap online and delivers for free within the Central Business District (CBD) but at a fee outside of this area. She also delivers outside of Nairobi at an extra cost which varies according to the distance.

For more information call them on:0700 695272 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or have a look at their Facebook page, Fiery Exotics.

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