Where to get fumigation services

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Kenyan families have a chance to keep pests away from their house through the fumigation services offered by Roja City Cleaners.

“We offer pest control by getting rid of common ones such as cockroaches, bedbugs and mosquitoes,” said Naphtali Nyaberi, founder of Roja City Cleaners.

The fumigation is done by spraying the house with chemicals in order to kill the pests. Due to the harmful nature of the chemicals, families are advised to take certain precautionary measures before fumigation can commence.
“We advise our clients to keep away clothes, food or any thing that can be harmed by the chemicals,” said Nyaberi.

The time it takes to fumigate a house depends on its size.
“A one bedroom can take up to an hour while a four bedroom can last even  three hours,” said Nyaberi. After the fumigation, Roja City Cleaners also advise their clients to stay away from their homes for up to an hour so as to give time for the chemicals to wear off.

Fumigation is not a complete solution to getting rid of pests that is why Nyaberi advises it to be done on a regular basis.
“The fumigation chemicals keep the pests away or rather controls for four month that is why it is advisable to fumigate after every four months. After four months, the owner of the house will notice that they are back, they might come from anywhere from the neighbours, ponds around, swamps, due to the weather,” he said.

Charges for fumigation also vary depending on the size of the house. One to two bedroom houses cost between Sh1000 and Sh3500. Three to four bedroom houses will see one pay Sh3500-6000. For more information contact Roja City Cleaners on 0721 488 278

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