Where to find Karate classes

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16114557 1341519585906177_9210612123901678707_nChildren as young as four years have a chance to take part in Karate classes taking place all over Nairobi.

One of these places is every Saturday at Jaffreys School with Caroline Tolo who has been teaching the sport for the past 17 years.

“I also teach self-defense but always advise children to take up Karate because they are able to keep fit as it is a high impact sport while also learning how to protect themselves,” said Caroline.

The classes which take place on a weekly basis see children as young as four years old sign up.

“At this age they may not be able to grasp everything but just with any form of learning, they eventually do with time,” said Caroline.

Apart from training on Saturdays at Jaffreys, Caroline also teaches at nursery and primary schools such as Waridi where it is part of the school curriculum. These classes are also on a weekly basis running for one hour.

The Saturday classes cost Sh4000 per child per month. Caroline advises parents to bring their children dressed in track suits. The classes take place in a group setting.

Parents wishing to sign up their children or schools who would like to introduce the sport may contact Caroline on 0734608135 or 0720343295

If you are looking for a one-on-one session for your child, look no further than Thomas-a martial arts professional who once won at the Olympics in judo.

From as young as four years, children can take part in the classes.

“They may be young but I start with developing interest first,” said Thomas who has been teaching the sport for the past 15 years.

He credits Karate with offering children various benefits.

“Kids will learn discipline, become more aware of themselves and learn self-defense,” said Thomas.

Children who attend his classes also have the chance of participating in inter-school competitions.

In order to start out at Thomas’ classes, all children are required to have is the karate uniform.

The individual classes are charged at Sh4000 per session with each session lasting for one hour. Thomas also teaches at numerous international schools. He charges Sh10000 per term for one hour weekly sessions.

For more information, call 0722273979

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