Baby bottle warmers make travelling easier for Kenyan parents

Baby bottle warmers make travelling easier for Kenyan parents0 out of 50 based on 0 voters.

16174705 1342574259134043_5753591558890957048_nBaby bottle warmers are making it easier for Kenyan parents to travel with their babies by providing a safe, convenient option of heating milk on the journey.

On average, a baby drinks six to eight bottles of which can be quite a hassle for guardians to keep it warm while on the road but Betty Kagweria is out to change this.

“It is a large cyclical cup that fits a baby bottle,” said Betty, “It has a cord attached that is plugged to the car’s cigarette lighter receptacle to warm the bottle as you drive or when you are in a matatu.”

One of the selling points of baby bottle warmers is that they save the guardian a lot of time and is quite convenient when feeding the baby.

“When you have a baby bottle warmer, you no longer need carry milk in a flask, which can go bad after some time or even change taste, when travelling or worry about your baby going hungry until you reach your destination because you do not have warm milk,” said Betty. “All you need is to buy a packet of milk and pour it in the warmer and your baby can enjoy their meal. Even when switched off, the warmer still keeps the milk warm at the required temperature for hours.”

The warmer however, does not have a timer to indicate when the milk is warm enough for the baby’s consumption.

It is bought separately with a baby bottle and is durable if well taken care of. They cost Sh2500. To purchase the product, you can contact: 0780446941.

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