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18402861 1906795752923555_4266219535170343726_nKenya parents, whose children are having trouble sleeping because they are afraid of the dark can ease them to sleep using fun-shaped night lamps.

Such lamps provide a comforting and soothing glow at night enabling a child to sleep undisturbed. Parents are also able to check on them from time during the night without the need of switching on the lights which may awake the sleeping child.

“Night-lights can be a source of comfort for children who are afraid of the dark or scared of monsters. However parents should choose one that provides enough light for comfort but does not illuminate the room too much. This is because sleeping in a bright room may disrupt your toddler's natural sleeping pattern, making it harder for him to get a good night's rest,” wrote Gemma Caton, a health expert on matters children in article for Baby Centre titled, Is it a good idea to have a night-light in my toddler's room?

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Indeed, the night lamps should not be bright, it should be dim but emit sufficient light in order to protect their eyes but at the same time give them a sense of calm during the night.

Besides, having a fun-shaped night lamp can serve as good motivation to get children to sleep on time. They will be looking forward to get to bed in order to switch it on which will ultimately soothe them to dreamland meaning that the parents will not have to struggle, if they did before, to get them to sleep.

The night lamp also prepares them for the eventually that when they grow up they will no longer need it in order to sleep. “It is almost a transition from sleeping in a fully lit room to a dim one and finally in a completely dark room,” said Caren Nkatha, a mother of two.

“My son stopped using his night lamp when he was eight year old because he eventually found it even more comforting to sleep in a dark room rather than a dim, just like an adult.”

The kitten-shaped night lamps retail at Sh1500, are rechargeable but can last up to 12 to 15 hours when fully charged, they are made from silicone material thus they are hard to break and can change light colour when tapped.

To get one, contact 0720709890, or visit their Facebook page Sue’s Baby Shop.

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